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Silversea Cruises Announces Its New Ship: Silver Muse (I Love The Name!)

I am really excited to announce that Silversea Cruises has finally inked the deal for its new ship: Silver Muse.  It will be arriving in the Spring of 2017.

The first thing that I like is the name.  It is creative and playful.  After so many boring and repetitive names, Silver Muse provides a bit of freshness.

This is a 40,000 gross ton, 596 passenger luxury cruise ship that promises to be an "evolution" of the Silver Spirt...which is not one of (in my opinion) the best designed ships.  But the aspects that I don't like should be easily fixed in this new build.

To put the size in perspective, the Silver Muse will be more than 10 percent larger than the Silver Spirit (which is only 36,000 gross tons and carries 540 guests) while carrying about 10 percent more guests.

By comparison, Regent Seven Seas new ship, the Regent Explorer, is 54,000 gross tons and will carry 750 guests...but much of the additional space being eaten up by the massive promotional suite and other non-public areas; rendering it a bit more crowded for the 25% more guests Regent Seven Seas Explorer will hold.  More on a par is the new Seabourn Encore at 40,560 gross tons and carrying 604 guests; almost an identical ratio.
While Silversea has not provided much of any detail about the new ship, which is not unusual, that I did find interesting was a comment by Enzo Visone, Silversea's CEO:
This ship contributes to our ambitious growth plans that will ensure our continued leadership in ultra-luxury cruisingI have been following closely Silverseas strong expansion into the Expedition cruise market (and, admittedly, have been a bit dilatory in discussing same...but that will soon be remedied!), but I have not until now heard about an "ambitious growth plans" as it relates to Silversea's classic fleet or its operations overall.

It leaves me wondering as to if the previously assumed departure of the Silver Cloud upon the arrival of the new ship is no longer on the table.

Interested in a Silversea cruise"  Give me a call at (877) 2-GO-LUXURY or email me at [email protected]

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