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Azamara Club Cruises - Azamara Journey Asian Adventure - Part III ("Cruise Global, Go Local" in Sri Lanka)

Over the past ten days during my Azamara Club Cruises Asian Adventure on the Azamara Journey, especially with so many sea days, I have been able to experience pretty much all of the culinary offerings onboard and, to be sure, there are many...some of them sort of hidden. But before I get to onboard dining in my next article, you know that it is the local experience that really get me going.

And Azamara Club Cruises focuses on more overnights, late nights and "Going Local".  Having written about the AzAmazing Evening in Myanmar, now it is time to put Azamara's shore excursions from booking to execution to the test.  So, let's get going!

Asian Elephant
Bundala National Park, Sri LankaAfter many sea days and a relatively laid back stay in Myanmar, arriving in Sri Lanka was a bit more anticipated than normal.  Our first port was Hambantota, Sri Lanka located in the south of the island, but we were scheduled to arrive at 12:30 p.m. and depart at 9:00 p.m. along with the advice that if you did not take a tour there was pretty much no town to visit, so don't bother.  Seriously"  Why are we here"  Hint:  Sometimes being as skeptical as I am is NOT a good thing!
When we arrived I saw a brand new, pristine, ultra-clean unused and empty that was clearly poorly designed and built with Chinese money and no real purpose.  (Apparently there is a similarly unused Chinese build airport nearby.) Of course, because ...
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