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Western Australia Camper Adventure – Perth to Esperance

Fancy getting off the tourist trail and exploring some of Australia?s best beaches and untouched wilderness" Then head to Western Australia, the perfect place for a camper adventure! The next question is, do you go north to Broome or south to Esperance" For the most beautiful beaches in the world and for shorter driving times definitely go south! After asking many locals 9 out of 10 recommended this route ? and WOW I am so glad we took their advice. So buckle up, and take a look at what you could do on your camper adventure?


Start your adventure in the capital of Western Australia, Perth. The city has so much to offer, from stunning beaches to great nightlife and delicious restaurants. Far smaller than the eastern capitals Melbourne and Sydney, the city is only home to approx 1.8 million people. But that doesn?t stop the party! For the best nightlife, head to James Street in the city centre and check out Air or Geisha ? two popular late night spots. Spend a few days exploring the seaside neighbourhoods of Cottesloe and Freemantle. If you have a free afternoon be sure to grab a picnic and head to Kings Park, a great place to chill out with panoramic views of the city.
Campsite: Central Caravan Park


So it is time to move on from Perth, wave goodbye to the gorgeous beaches and say hello to?oh wait, even better beaches! The first stop on your epic camper adventure is Dunsborough. This drive is 2 hours 45 minutes along the coast and there are SO many amazing places along the way. Two of my favourite stops are Yallingup and Busselton. The latter is home to the Southern Hemispheres longest wooden jetty. Take a stroll down the pier and if you are lucky you will spot wild dolphins playing out at sea. Alternatively if you are feeling lazy take a ride on a cute red train down the jetty, a great chance to sit back and admire the view. For dinner in Dunsbourough, if you are not cooking in your camper, I recommend heading to Occy?s 2 for a delicious and reasonably priced pizza. It would also be a sin for any chocoholic to miss out on ?Hot Chocolate? ? a quirky chocolate shop & café. Promise you will not be disappointed! Campsite: Dunsborough Lakes Holiday Resort and Caravan Park
Margaret River

When you are dun with Dunsbourough (get it") set off early and have your campervan breakie at Eagle Bay. This is just a short drive away and oh em gee it is absolutely stunning. A Long stretch of glistening sand and the clearest sea I have ever seen. A few luxury homes dot the oceanfront but that is it. My travel buddy and I were the only two people there all morning, actual paradise. Once you are done frolicking on the shore, head to Margaret River, and your next overnight stop. You will want to spend a good few days/weeks/months/years here – such a vibrant town with boutique stores and trendy cafes. It is a great base to head out and explore the famous vineyards nearby as well as stretches of unspoilt beach. This ...
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