Since beginning my summer travels seven weeks ago, I entered into Kosovo, the newest country to be recognized in Europe.  Less than a decade since the ethnic Albanian majority that make up 95% of Kosovo's population declared independence from Serbia.  This tiny country, that could easily fit in the southernmost tip of Florida, has had just as much a tumultuous past as any other ethnic people that call the Balkans home.
Diverse groups have settle, migrated, conquered, and occupied Kosovo throughout it's history, as the population slowly shifted toward a Albanian majority.  Like in Bosnia, the decline of the Serbian Christian population over the last century has projected a ?fear? of losing one?s country over the course of time.  With the breakup of Yugoslavia during the 1990?s, Serbians minorities were experiencing separatist movements by their ethnic neighbors.  Kosovo was just another region added to the list.  The region of Kosovo has been traditionally seen as the heartland of the Serbian medieval state and once the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church.  To Serbians, Kosovo is it's "Thirteen Colonies".  It holds great to significance to Serbians throughout the Balkans.  At the same time, Albanians see Kosovo as a part of greater Albania.
Orthodox ChurchSo, how do Serbians legitimize their connection to Kosovo, while the demographics continue to shift out of their favor"  The Albanians prefer to speak their language over Serbian.  Mosques greatly outnumber Orthodox Churches.  How long does this continue before a Serbian nationalist movement begins to gain momentum"
Memorial for two Albanians killed during the war with Serbia

ALT RIGHT USAI imagine, this is in part, the root of the resurgence of White nationalism today in the US.  Hearing the chants of young White men in Charlottesville, Virginia in the summer of 2017, screaming ?We will not be replaced!?  is haunting and disturbing.  I can understand how a people who have only known privilege and power will react in fear, paranoia, and aggression at the idea of ?losing? their majority and privileged status.  The massive appeal President Donald Trump has had with so many conservative White Americans is directly related to his coded message of "Make America Great Again".  We all know how this phrase has two very different impressions depending on who hears it.
During Yugoslav times, the country's dictator suppressed all ethnic and nationalist movements.  When he dies in the 1980?s, the economy was hit hard.  Ethnic groups like Bosnians and Albanians were easy scapegoats.  By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, ethnic tension boiled over throughout the former Yugoslavia and acts of genocide were occurring.  


So, the capital o...
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