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Crystal Cruises Announces Three Ships (including Residences), River Cruises, a Yacht and Boeing 787 Journeys

Crystal Cruises' new owners have announced some pretty exciting and extraordinary plans!  And, to be sure, it sounds like they have a lot of money and are attempting to fill the wishlist of yacht charterers, owners of The World cruise ship and wealthy retirees, luxury cruisers and expedition lovers all while also maintaining the traditional Crystal guest.

It is a very complicated scenario that will require much more than a wealthy owner, and it is going to be wild ride, but let's see where it takes us!

Crystal Cruises's new 100,000+ ton, 1,000 guest luxury cruise ship.
The first of three is expected to be delivered Late 2018The first part of Crystal's announcement are three (3) 100,000+ gross ton ships that will carry 1,000 guests with 1,000 cruise in an all-suite configuration (standard suites being a very large 400 square feet) with a few extra amenities including eight foot high ceilings and polar-classed hulls (so visits to the Antarctic and Arctic are possible).

The top deck will be reserved for 60 Residences (ranging from 600 to 4,000 square feet)...with,of course, their own private restaurant.  For me this is a far more exciting luxury proposition than, say, Regent Seven Seas' concept of dedicating a relatively huge amount of space for a few luxury suites in the traditional cruise market as its way to claim bragging rights to an otherwise relatively ordinary higher end cruise product.  (For perspective, the Crystal ships will have 1,000 guests spread throughout 100,000 tons of space while Regent Seven Seas Explorer will have 750 guests "crammed" into 54,000 ton of space...or 25% less per guest.)
But before you get too excited, you will have to wait until late 2018 for the first ship to be delivered which means it will probably be late 2019 - over fours years from now - at the earliest that all three ships are sailing the seas.

Crystal Cruises' Crystal Esprit 62 Passenger Yacht
with two person submarine and zodiacsThe second part is Crystal's entry into the sort of yacht charter market in November 2015 through the transfer of a yacht already owned by Gentling HK.  The Crystal Esprit is a 3,300 ton yacht that carries 62 guests and will include some interesting features such as a two man submarine, four ten person zodiacs and a Wider tender as well as kayaking, scuba, snorkeling, water skiing, wake boarding and fishing equipment.

For size perspective, this yacht is 50% larger than SeaDream Yacht Club's two yachts and will carry 40% less guests.  I do not know the pricing yet, so I am not sure how to compare the two...if comparing more than size is even appropriate.)

Crystal Esprit - The Patio restaurant
 The interesting thing here, for me at least, is that Genting just purchased a yacht building company and has a very significant interest in the submarine company (U-Boat Worx) that is supplying the vessel and Wider Yachts that is supplying the tender.  With a floundering superyacht mar...
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