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Avalon Waterways - Myanmar - Part IX (The Ship: Avalon Myanmar)

Avalon MyanmarAvalon Waterways? Myanmar (Burma) river cruise is, in my opinion, the best overall Irrawaddy River cruise product today.  There is no question, as the only river cruise that sails north of Mandalay, that its itinerary ? especially if you are truly interested in seeing what Myanmar is truly like ? is the strongest.  And its ship, Avalon Myanmar, launched in 2015, is extremely well designed and clearly purpose built.  Add to that extremely knowledgeable guides and cruise director, a diverse and well executed culinary experience, along with a warm, friendly, and competent crew, and you have an excellent experience waiting for you.  (And, folks, let?s face it, you know I would never say it if I didn?t believe it.)
While I will back up the foregoing in my last article, this article is focused on Avalon Waterways? ship:  The Avalon Myanmar.
Avalon MyanmarThe Avalon Myanmar is an 18 ?all suite? ship.  The ship is designed with an extremely shallow draft and shorter length and height (so that it can go places the other river cruise ships cannot).  That is not to say the ship?s design compromises in other ways, because it really does not (unless you want multiple dining and indoor lounge venues). 
Avalon Myanmar with sampansThe Avalon Myanmar has a large, very comfortable aptly named Panorama Lounge on Deck 2 that is a study in bringing the outside in ? with full window walls forward, port and starboard.  Filled with extremely comfortable chairs and sofas, as well as card tables and a small bar, the lounge provides a visually very appealing effect as it looks out onto the outdoor covered Observation Lounge. This makes both spaces appear even larger than they are; and both can easily handle the maximum of 36 guests.  It is, alas, the social hub of the ship and where the Happy Hour and Daily Briefings happen. Avalon Myanmar's Panorama Lounge
Avalon Myanmar's Panorama Lounge
All the glass brings the outside inside
Avalon Myanmar's Panorama LoungeAvalon Myanmar's Panorama Lounge BarThe Observation Lounge with its many lounges and all-weather wicker sofas and chairs is a great semi-protected space overlooking the bow.  While lounging or sitting and reading a book as the Avalon Myanmar cruises down the Irrawaddy River is great, I found that enjoying an early morning coffee or even an evening cocktail while tied up to the shore (with ceiling fans and recessed lighting giving ambiance and comfort) a daily ritual.
Avalon Myanmar Outdoor Observation Lounge
Avalon Myanmar Outdoor Observation LoungeThere is also an open outdoor lounge on Deck 3 with similar furnishings which is a great space in the cooler evenings and for an occasional performance.  I especially like the architectural aspects of the boardwalk.  Note:  There is no spa or plunge pool.  This was explained to be as a concern for too much weight increasing the draft of the ship.  Honestly, having one available ...
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